Nausa Technologies use customer data to grow customer business.All the data provided by customer or we use customer system to extract the data.Our company strictly follow  data policy law.

Our expert  team is always ready to deliver an analytical solution that suits our customer’s needs best

Our Offerings

Data Analytics

We apply complex rule-based algorithms and machine learning and bring into life predictive and prescriptive analytics. As a result, our customers are able to benefit from forecasting by spotting an opportunity or a threat well in advance.

Data visualization

We deliver custom dashboards and reports to help companies track their KPIs easily, watch over the progress and spot the trends, making sure that every user gets only the data that is relevant to their role.

Data science

We run experiments on data, build probabilistic models, apply machine learning and deep learning methods to find hidden patterns and dependencies and provide companies with extra insights.

What we solve

Dash Board Report

Opting for a fact-based corporate culture, we support managers with analytics platforms and solutions aimed to eliminate guesswork in their decision-making. We provide ready reports and data infrastructure for self-service analytics.

Delays in reporting

Understanding that timely analytics is a must for successful companies, our team is ready to deliver regular and ad hoc timely reporting, also in real time.


We believe that business intelligence should provide a full picture at any moment. That is why we consider slow data integration inappropriate, even for big and unstructured data.

Data Consultancy

Our team's skills and expertise provide customer comprehensive consultancy.